Hello! My name is Igor Kozlov, and I'm a native-speaking English-to-Russian localization specialist with a solid team of Russian Translators, Editors, Copywriters and Layout Designers.

Combining our linguistic skills with vast experience in Apps, Games and Websites localization allows us to get your product not only translated but perfectly optimised for use by Russian-speaking users.


Mobile Games and Apps

You plan to go global with your mobile app or game?

There are more than 50 millions of mobile users in Russia, and all of them are your potential customers. We will make sure that your product will be perfectly adjusted for Russian-speaking users.

PC and Console Games

Gamers are an intelligent and demanding audience, regardless of what language they speak.

In order for your game to be successful in Russia it needs not only to be perfectly and consistently translated but also adapted to local culture. This is what we call localization.


Your game has a rich lore which you publish online?
Your app has a large and active community which you want joined by Russian-speaking users?

We understand your needs and will make sure all your updates will be available to Russian users in a timely manner, shortly after their English release.

— WHY US? —

Only Narrow Experts

Our specialists are not some generic "IT-sphere translators". We are all keen gamers and app users ourselves, and we know what your audience expects.


All of our translators and proofreaders have at least 5 years of experience, our editors — at least 15 years.

Response Within 1 Hour

All of your updates will be delivered to Russian-speaking users in a timely manner. You will not have to wait for your order to be processed as we know how the quick turnaround is important for you.

Your Business Is Our Business

We strive to build long-term relationship with each client – not like an outsourcer but like a reliable business partner. We care about your business and you can be sure that we will solve any problems together with you at any point of work.

Post-Localization Testing

After your localization goes live it will be checked by our team of professional testers so no occasional inconsistencies could ruin your users' experience.*

*Service included in packages "Standard" and "Ultimate".

Monthly Payment

Paying for each project seaparately is not too convenient for your accounting. Our long-term clients pay for the jobs monthly, within 30 days from the invoice date.


Here are but some of our key localization projects. Click thumbnails below to learn more…



Quick and affordable service when speed and/or budget are of top importance

EUR 0.08


High-quality translation

Proofreading with intervals




Best choice for highly-visible products

EUR 0.11


High-quality translation

Proofreading with intervals

Editing by a native speaking editor

2 hours of your game/app
live testing



Comprehensive turn-key solution for your business

EUR 0.20


High-quality translation

Proofreading with intervals

Editing by a native speaking editor

10 hours of your game/app
live testing

Professional designer and desktop publisher assistance

1 month of free-of-charge
post-translation support





We are driven with the idea to unite game players worldwide! 

As the Gamification conception grows popular and the line between games and real world becomes more and more vague, each new project becomes even more challenging.

And we love the feeling of being the bridge to this world of magic.


Today mobile and videogames are no less important works of art than books, stage performances and movies.

We will make sure that every Russian speaking user can enjoy the world of your game or app in its entirety and that it will become an important part of his life so he will return to it day after day.


We live in the Age of Gamification, the games entering our lives in the most unexpected ways. This is not only about toys anymore — this is the most effective psychological approach finally taken on board by developers and marketing experts.

“What’s our life? A game.” This famous Russian writer’s quote was never so true. Today life is a game. And we aim to localize this game perfectly!

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